Technology Minister calls for more Affordable High Speed Internet in Jamaica

Jamaica’s Technology Minister Phillip Paulwell has asked telecommunications operators to reduce the cost of the  broadband Internet services they provide so that more Jamaicans will be able to have access to high speed internet.

The minister made the request during his address at the Jamaica Computer Society 40th Anniversary and Lifetime Achievement Awards Banquet recently.

minister of technologyAccording to minister Paulwell Jamaica is falling behind many countries in the region in terms of both fixed and mobile broadband penetration.

Armed with data from the International Telecommunication Union, the minister showed that  where broadband rates fell, there was a correlating increase in broadband penetration.


Globally, fixed broadband prices have decreased by approximately 82 per cent between 2008 and 2012.

Jamaica is currently ranked 123 from a total of 195 countries  in mobile broadband penetration and 95 in fixed broadband penetration rates, placing the country behind many of its CARICOM neighbours.

Paulwell has announced the appointments of two bodies, the Board of Directors of the e-Government Company Jamaica Limited and the National Information Communication Technology (ICT) Advisory Council.

University of the West Indies Professor Evan Duggan was named chairman of the e-Gov board; while Carlton Samuels, an IT Consultant, was named chairman of the ICT Advisory Council.

In these trying times, this will be welcome news to many Jamaicans who currently cannot afford a high speed internet connection.

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