Student Forced to kiss Shoe Video – Angers Many

Many persons are outraged after after seeing a video which shows a male student being forced by other students to kiss the shoe of another student which was posted online recently.

The apparent bullying happened in what seemed to be the classroom of a school somewhere in the Corporate Area.

During the video the boy is seen being told forcibly to kiss the shoe of his schoolmate several times by a group of boys. Another young man held the recording device, while helping a group of boys to coerce the boy to kiss the shoe. The boy being forced was seated while his peers towered over him and another student had his foot hoisted on his desk.

He was commanded by the boys to kiss the shoe at least three times during the video.


kiss my shoes, bullying in schoolsKiss it again!

Yow, mi neva see that enuh! Mi neva see dat! Kiss it again!” exclaimed one boy after he carried out the action the first time.

As the jeering intensified, the boy kissed the other boy’s shoe again, but the group seemed dissatisfied as they demanded he kiss the shoe for a third time.

Kill me and dun nuh dawg, caz mi naa do it again,” the visibly distressed boy said.

His refusal to comply was met with uproar by the group, who then pushed him towards the shoe while another hovered over him with a T-Square.

The video ended with the boys mocking the seemingly embarrassed boy.

The video has angered many viewers, who stated that bullying should not be tolerated in schools.


A pure terrorists guh school nowadays enuh! I don’t know what inna di wata weh dem a drink,” a viewer commented.

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