Reporter gets Shoved by PM Portia Simpson-Miller’s security

The Prime Minister was in Rose Town, Kingston at a dedication ceremony for a water and sewer project when she was approached by a reporter seeking to question her about the reinstatement of junior transport and works minister Richard Azan. 

The Prime Minister insisted that she wanted to talk about the water project, but eventually commented that there was nothing wrong with the reinstatement, as Azan was not guilty of any criminal act. 

Reporters however, continued to press her about the contractor general’s recommendation for disciplinary action to be taken against Azan by his parliamentary colleagues, in accordance with the Westminster model of governance, as well as the criticisms expressed by the Opposition.

“I am not going to have it. I am not concerned about what the Opposition said. They have their own problems right now….” the prime minister remarked.


“But they are saying it is not good governance,” TVJ reporter Vashan Brown asked.

“Don’t push the microphone in my face,” Simpson Miller reacted.

Simpson Miller’s bodyguards then intervened and shoved Brown out of the way, but the reporter resisted.

Simpson Miller later said that she has visited a number of countries abroad and was never treated that way.

“Let me tell you, young man, I have travelled the world, let me tell you, from I have been minister ’til I am prime minister, and the media, internationally, not one has ever been rude to me, and they have always treated me with respect,” she said.

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