Wreckers Reportedly Being Utilized For Motor Vehicle Theft

Car thieves continue to find ingenious ways to carry out their criminal acts. A trend that is becoming more common is the use of wreckers to remove motor vehicles from private homes.

One such theft occurred  in Portmore, St Catherine, recently where it is reported that thieves stole a motor vehicle from a residential property with the use of a wrecker that is normally used to tow vehicles.

tow truck to steal carThe prefer to carry out their heists in the early morning hours.

“I am not sure if di person reported the matter, but from what I am hearing is that di thief dem wait until hours fi do dem ting. Dem nah really rassle wid nobody or hold you up, dem will jus snatch your vehicle out of your yard, and you just wake up and find di spot,” said the source.


Recently the bandits have been conjuring up many creative ways to steal vehicles, such as creating fake documents for rented vehicles. The criminals then post advertisements in the newspaper for the sale of the rented vehicles, and then defraud buyers of their money.

Head of the Flying Squad, Superintendent Cornwall ‘Bigga’ Ford, said he is aware of thieves using wreckers.

“I have heard about it, but I don’t have much information about it at this time. About two years ago or so I know persons were doing something similar to that right outside the Canadian Embassy, where once persons park their vehicles outside the embassy, criminals would steal them,” Ford said.

The top cop said that the police are working assiduously to apprehend individuals who are in the car stealing business.

Source: The Star

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Anthony Delpratt
9 years ago

this is nothing new taking place

Hsjslydl Delpratt
8 years ago

this is nothing new taking place

Hsjslydl Delpratt
8 years ago

this is nothing new taking place