Vybes Kartel

With his name being tied to yet another murder, incarcerated Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel is fed up with law enforcement and is threatening to take action against them for what he deems as consistently unfair treatment. Recently, the polarizing deejay issued a handwritten letter to the Media addressing a report earlier this week by the Constabulary Communications Network (CCN), revealing that they seized cellular phones, flash drives, a DVD player and an iPod from his cell during separate searches on September 16 and 17.vybz kartel The search was done as part of an investigation into the shooting death of popular Dancehall producer, Patrick ‘Roach’ Samuels who was Kartel’s former road manager. In the letter, Kartel pulled no punches as he criticized police for their handling of the searches while vehemently denying any involvement in Samuels’ murder. Kartel insisted that he had a permit to carry the various items that were taken from him during the separate searches, citing that Horizon Remand Centre is amongst several prisons which have permits allowing inmates to use different gadgets. Meanwhile, he hinted that he will be taking action against the police following these most recent events. He then added a postscript regarding the events leading up to Samuels’ death, saying, “Everybody in the streets knows what took place in the “PARTY” between ‘Roach’ and “DEM” so all a who a use dem police friend to try frame me, remember this “Unfair game play twice.”

Elephant Man

Elephant manDancehall artiste Elephant Man is to return to court on October 25, when a rape case against him will next be heard. The artiste is on charges of grievous sexual assault and rape. The new date was reportedly set when he returned to court recently. The charges stem from an incident at his St Andrew home in January last year according to police reports. Investigators say a woman filed a police report claiming that the artiste sexually assaulted her. The artiste is being represented by attorney Linda Wright. His bail was extended as well.

Mr. Vegas

mr vegasAfter Mr. Vegas wore that 70s style outfit with the bellbottoms and Afro on Digicel Rising Stars, you knew that Bounty Killer would not let it pass, especially since the contest has come down between two forgettable contestants, the Deejay whose name on twitter is @Grungadzilla went off saying “let’s talk about pride, dignity and masculinity”, and @mrvegasmusic hit back with “outta every icon, u r the least relevant”, of which the tweets continued for about an hour.

Flippa Moggela

flippa mafia, flippa moggelaUS police may have put a damper on the lifestyle of self-proclaimed “flossing king”, Flippa Moggela. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Flippa was arrested just days ago and is being charged with a felony. The deejay remains in police custody. Just recently, Flippa Mogglea opted for self-deportation after he was nabbed for entering the United States illegally. The self-proclaimed “flossing king” was subsequently barred from the country. Own.



Producer RoachE Zone understands that the location is not yet confirmed but the date for the funeral of producer Patrick “Roach” Samuels is set for Sunday, October 6. Roach was murdered recently while at a gas station. Reports are that gunmen opened fire on his vehicle. Roach attempted to drive away, but more shots were fired at him. He later crashed along a section of Mannings Hill Road.

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Kris Kelli

Reggae artiste Kris Kelli has been missing from the local scene for quite sometime. The artiste was known for her popular single Fame, featuring incarcerated dancehall star Vybz Kartel. Kris Kelli is now doing hip hop and has a new song promoting called “Like”.


Serani has scored a major collabo with Bun B, Rick Ross and 2 Chains. The hot single is called ‘Fire’ for Rap a Lot Records

E Zone News International

No matter the record sales and accolades, Chris Brown still sees himself as prey. Brown covers the October issue of JET magazine and opens up about his beef with the media, Jay Z, relating to Trayvon Martin and more. Brown appears hooded on the cover next to the title “Moving Target,” suitable words given the singer’s ongoing legal strife brought on by his relationship troubles. Speaking on his tug-of-war with the media, the 24-year-old labeled some press as instigators. “The media is full of yellow journalism,” he shared. “A lot of things I say, they will flip it.

CMac booking & Management Agency, CMac booking and Management Agency

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