Jamaicans Victims of Human Trafficking Overseas

The Organised Crime Investigation Division (OCID) is warning Jamaicans to be more careful, when accepting overseas jobs, as they may become victims of human trafficking.

Head of OCID, Senior Superintendent of Police SSP Clifford Chambers, says persons are to fully investigate overseas job opportunities, as they may be scams, set-up by criminal organisations.

He states that many persons are lured by jobs, which offer to cover both travel and living expenses abroad, and get trapped into forced labour.

human trafficking, forced labor, forced labourIn the meantime, Head of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Taskforce, Deputy Superintendent Carl Berry, says the unit is continuing its efforts to raise Jamaica’s ranking as it relates to human trafficking.


While pointing out that human trafficking is a crime that is difficult to detect, DSP Berry urges Jamaicans to be more proactive in the fight against these activities.

Both men were speaking at the launch of the Anti-Trafficking in persons public education campaign, in Kingston held yesterday (September 23).

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