Showcase News in Your Area !

Tired of not having the news within your Jamaican communities showcased by traditional media houses in Jamaica.

Well join us in showing the world the things that need highlighting in Jamaica Land we love.

Maia Chung Television (MCTV) will be rolling out MCTV News this September 2013.

This will be a showcase of the news, issues and important events in your various communities with the pictures you send us.


We will collect your news and events via email: [email protected]

Maia Chung Television wants news from across Jamaica and the Caribbean, and your formerly IGNORED community needs and issues will be highlighted on MCTV’s website.

In some cases where possible, your stories will make our TV feed as well.

MCTV plans to help you get the solution using media that you need, as well as highlighting more of the GOOD news our nation and region seems to be missing.

The MCTV website streams to thousands around the world locally and regionally daily.

Your news stories will also be shared on our MCTV facebook page which alone has an 85 thousand person global reach per annum.

Subscribe to the website now for free and like our page and tell your friends here and overseas – so you can become a part of the (R) evolution.


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