A Story of Courage Hope and Perseverance

A story of a little boy who God blessed with special functions to help the others he lives amongst.

Autism KING Quinn Garren James Smith was denied an invigilator for his grade four achievement test – he passed anyway full mastery, the one and only test that the nation’s system gives to all the normal, adhd, dyslexic bi-polar kids take whether they have been diagnosed or not.

On almost the eve of GSAT he was again denied an invigilator by the Ministry for the big test that even “normal” kids have nightmares about – this came two solid years after his pass at grade four “without his country’s help” – a pass which indicated that though he is severely Autistic, he could do what the “normals” do because he has his Mother’s balls and guts oh yeah and brains lol – and God is with him.

I recall many a normal child with all the right conditions still did not pass the grade four achievement test.


After jeopardizing my job  to take time off to “lobby” for the correction of this injustice, that of his denial of a best practices invigilator for GSAT – when I heard he was to be denied this special help – it was granted, albeit long after the special educators recommended that it should have started for a boy with his brilliance who just needs his country to understand that he can do, just in a different way.

Quinn Garren James Smith, Quinn autism, Maia Chung's sonThese invigilators though “SPECIAL lol”actually have no influence on the student outside of making sure they are doing the test under the same circumstances that the normals are doing it.

The fact is that the test administered to these intellectually challenged children is a black and white test, designed for normal children who fail it year after year, and despite years of assessment by Jamaica’s special educators, assessments begun before my birth and long before Quinn’s birth, that a special needs paradigm should be built for the GSAT for the intellectually challenged, not an easier exam nor a less challenging, but one configured to test their brains the way they work – in 2013 all man sit one test you could pedal and wheel.

This is after all the research that has proved that they are bright just in a different form, I would believe (sarcasm) and think they pay those technocrats and ministry ppl and consultants the big bucks for a reason…but then who am I really but just CITIZEN MAIA?

Yesterday I heard that many parents and kids who did Saturday and Sunday classes cried because they were assigned to Tarrant and schools that lets face it aren’t bad because they were cursed by the Devil, but because of a system that needs fixing.

My son stood toe to toe with the “normals” and got his pass for Edith Dalton James, not on his list – but he ran with the bulls and still out did hundreds of thousands – you will hear more in the news later on and WE THE ENTOURAGE OF THE JAMAICAN AUTISTIC BOY NAME QUINN SAY LARGE UP YOU SELF YUTE – YOU A DE ONLY AUTIST WITH PANTS PON WAIST CAUSE YOU NAH FOLLOW NOBODY.

When this nation ready fe address your people Quinn a deh so you a go MAD dem – we are proud of you boy all of us.


10 outta twelve for Comm task among other great scores (I don’t have those yet) CONGRATULATIONS!

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