Getting Older

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How can I be aging,

Hormones still raging,

But my six pack,

Decided to sit back,


And give blubber the spotlight,

Can you imagine my plight?

And my hair, while still there,

Has more of my forehead bare,

But look at my mom,

She still looks young,

So why is this happening to me?


Just how could this be?

Seriously thinking about my bucket list,

Not waiting for the onslaught of midlife crisis,

Before I take that trip I wanted,

Or that cruise where my kids get flaunted,

Wow, seems like yesterday I had no care,

Barefooted, and nappy hair,

Running on the beach,

Swimming, seeing how far I could reach,


Climbing hills with ease,

Enjoying the island breeze,

Now I can barely squeeze into my pants,

Was this my doing or just chance?

Now, not being a jerk,

But at least one muscle still works,

Irks me though because I use it less,

and it’s the brain, right … yes,

Lol, hope that flew by you,

But the brain is also true,


Now mortality hits like a slap,

At least my belly doesn’t block my lap,

Clap for that little victory,

Should this be cause for worry?

Age snuck up like a thief,

That caught me in my brief,

Totally unprepared,

Overwhelmed, a tad bit scared,

Now when I am at the stage which,

I can choose to eat an Asian dish,


While in Asia, no less,

I got to deal with this mess,

I still got some more faces to see,

And Europe has some places to be,

And in the Middle East,

Still time to unleash the beast,

And especially the beautiful Jamaica ,

Bet I can find someone to make a,

Nice ackee and saltfish, or some stew peas,

While little old me, enjoy the sea breeze.


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