Pregnant Girls Should be Reinstated in Schools

The Minister of Education, Reverend Ronald Thwaites, says his Ministry is advocating the re-integration of school girls, who get pregnant, into the school system.

Reverend Thwaites indicated that he had tabled a Ministry paper on a policy that makes it an obligation for school officials, not to shun, or scorn pregnant school girls, but encourage the continuation of their education.

He said the ministry paper also called for school officials, to connect school girls, who have had babies, with the women’s centres, so that they can be assisted with their added responsibilities.

The paper also calls for the schools, to insist that fathers care for their children, and if the girls are under-age, to help the police in prosecuting carnal abusers.


Speaking at a press conference at Jamaica House yesterday (May 16) Reverend Thwaites said, he expects the ministry paper to receive full support, from the Cabinet.

Reverend Thwaites also stated that he will be speaking with the Minister of Labour, to help these pregnant girls receive assistance, from the PATH programme.

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