Nowadays Girls

Poems from Jamaica, poems about money

Caught up in the “hype life”

Who can give them money and pearls

No virtue in them all respect, morals and self worth all

Covered under the makeup and the massive weave they wear

Love they seek???

No, what they seek is the love that they have fashioned themselves

Man who can buy them house, car and clothes and all the material things this world can buy

Then when all is said and done they cry on the next man’s arm who only wants to wipe their tears unaware of the Cold heart that they possess

I sit at times and wonder why should I have pity on them. No one told you to seek pleasures of this world

And step on your self worth with those heavy heels you wear

Stop complaining about not finding the right man when all you are looking for is someone to pay your bills and sadly

Give you the life you yourself should be working towards

Often times you will hear them say they are treated so badly by men

When, they don’t stop to ponder the thought…”What if I stopped depending on them?? Start making my own way “Life is filled with opportunities but how can you see them when as far as you can see is that mirror you carry in your hand

The whole concept of who a woman is, is far gone ….if women don’t know who they are? How can they seek love and care from a man?

What we need to see is that after they get their 5mins of lust

You get your money to do your nails and hair

What do you have to quench your lonely spirit and give you comfort when you are down?

Time to wake up and see that after all these things have passed away all is left

Is you to fight all your demons alone

Rise up and show the world there is still hope in women

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