Jamaicans are Lost

Jamaicans are lost poems, jamaican poem

The green and orange is still the order of the day

Imprinted on the hearts of Jamaicans it runs through the veins

Complaints about jobs, food, housing and injustice committed by the police man

Looking for an answer?


So they claim

Next five years green and orange power and shower they proclaim

The gun shots ring out, the plates are empty

Portia, Holness? Why won’t my member of parliament help me?

Jamaicans are lost


Lost in the pool of cultures

Red flows throw our bodies and gives us our life


Orange and green on the mind they can’t think of anything else

Some sit on the roadsides with hands stretched out

Portia, Holness? I wish I never vote

Five years later and the X is placed in the same box

Then how shall the change you wish for come about?

Jamaicans are lost


Children in the street holding up black cards

The future of the nation heading in the same direction

The party conferences are filled to capacity they still believe


When the people are crying out for help the council offices are half filled

Portia, Holness? I have nothing to eat

The light bill climbs, the school fee climbs, property tax gone up

Portia flashes new suit, new cars for ministers and nice vacation houses

Yet the news comes on and people say “Mama P nah eva lef me out”

Jamaicans are lost


Hundreds laid off but bus fare should be raised?

Parents can’t sleep well at nights, the money for the bed not fully paid

Tin foods now cost as much as meat

While the opposition and government continue to greet and skin teeth


Jamaicans are lost


When will they see the light?

The darkness of politics continues to cloud the mind

Sit and wait and hope that everything will soon be alright

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