I am Red!

the best poems

I am crimson red flushed by your uninterested stare
abased by the habitual primal fixations of your untamed glare
I am red fire blazing, burning to the core
only now understanding that to you I am a chore

I am the red sea parted heading to the Promised Land
I lead to rivers overflowing but you prefer to drink from a soda can
I am red velvet sheets that adorn your naked bed
you sleep outside like a drunkard with no place to lay your head

I am blood oozing wounded by regret
wasted my time laboring with every single breath
I am a garden of red roses, in a dry, barren land
not dying from the neglect of your abandoned hand

I am a red light signaling an abrupt halt.
If I were to be a casualty I would be at fault
I am an empty red casket, a parody of life
a corpse will not bury a lifetime of strife


I am a red sunset that fills the light blue sky
kissing you softly as I turn and say Goodbye
I am red ink bold and clear
ready to write on new pages –“ Not Welcome Here!”

I am a red dress worn to celebrate life
I will dance alone on those long lonely nights
I am red not yellow, not white, not blue
I am RED!

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