There are No Decent Men Left!

Everyday I see women complaining that there are no decent men around. But I am wondering if this is an honest statement to make.

What exactly is a decent man to most women?

Most women say that they want a man that will treat them like queens, love them, don’t cheat, don’t lie, romance them and so on and so forth.

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In requesting all of this from a man, are you willing to accept these characteristics if the exterior looked like Steve Urkel? 


Women expect all of this from a man, but are you that man’s decent woman?

Most women are hurt by past relationships and enter new relationships with old hurts and expect that the new boyfriend can work miracles. Is it really fair to the new man though? We put up walls because we don’t want to get hurt again, but basically what we are doing is punishing the new man for the sins of the old flames and then cuss him when he gets tired of dealing with our garbage  and say he is another messed up man.

I was told by my breddrin that he treated women like how they advertised themselves. If your profile picture was one where you were half naked for all of Twitter and Facebook to see then he was not gonna wife you. In his eyes, you’re not the type of woman that he wants to take home to meet mommy.

Also if he can get stuff from you without doing much work then why would he put in the work? Why buy the cow when he can get the milk for free? Him and every other man as far as he is concerned.

As women, we need to be careful of the vibe that we are sending off to “decent men” because first impressions are lasting.

I always tell my friends before you go out expecting the world from a man, be sure that you have something to offer. Make sure that to a man, you are not just a one night stand, a jumpoff or a meal ticket.

A decent man is a former johncrow that found his wife and decided to settle down and stop his indecent behaviour for her cause she was worth it to him.


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