Lawyers seek Millions in Damages for Jamaican Woman

The lawyers representing  Shanique Myrie, the Jamaican woman who claimed that she  had been discriminated against because of her nationality when she visited Barbados on March 14, 2011 are demanding significant compensation for her troubles.

Shanique Myrie claims that upon arrival in Barbados she was forced to have a body cavity search, remanded overnight and deported to Jamaica the very next day. 

She also claims that she was subjected to numerous derogatory remarks by a Barbadian immigration officer. 

Anthony Michelle Brown who is her attorney claims she still suffers from anxiety and other physical manifestations from the trauma associated with her visit to Barbados and as a result she deserves hefty compensation. 


She could be awarded as much as US$400,000 in damages with more to be added for legal costs if she is successful in her prosecutory bids.

Shanique Myrie
Shanique Myrie – Image via

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