Jamaica Past the Worst According to Finance Minister

Finance minister

The finance minister has indicated that Jamaica has surmounted the challenges of the last financial year and is now on a path to rebuild its economy.

Dr. Peter Phillips was responding to questions from journalists at today’s post budget press conference.

Dr. Phillips says he believes Jamaica has passed the worst coming out of the last financial year.

The finance minister says the country has passed the challenges of securing the deal with the International Monetary Fund, (IMF) by meeting the conditions of the money-lending agency, resulting in a staff level agreement.


Dr. Phillips says that having overcome the challenges of last year, it is now for the country as a whole to work together to maintain the plans laid-out in what he calls the growth plan.

He says it is meeting the targets set out in the agreement with the IMF that will determine the viability and sustainability of Jamaica’s economic growth.

Dr. Phillips and a team from the Ministry of Finance, left the island today for Washington to meet with the IMF to continue discussions on Jamaica’s extended fund facility.

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