Baby Accused of being The Antichrist burnt in Fire

Four persons were arrested by police in Chile after it was discovered the individuals threw a three-day-old baby into a fire as part of a ritual.

The gruesome incident occurred after the mother of the child, 25-year-old Natalia Guerra gave approval for her baby which was deemed to be the anti-Christ by cult leader Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete.

According to police the cult leader ordered that the baby be thrown into the fire, and the child was placed on a board. Her mouth was then taped in order to quiet her screams and she was thrown in the fire and burned to death.

A manhunt has since been launched for Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete who formed the 12-member cult in 2005.


Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete


Police said Castillo Gaete, the ringleader, was last spotted traveling to Peru to buy Ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic brew plant that he used to control his followers.

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