Trial Seems Imminent for Carlos Hill

A jury comprised of seven members was assembled on the 11th of March for the fraud trial of former head of the failed investment scheme Cash Plus, Carlos Hill in the Home Circuit Court.

One man was excused, after Justice Paulette Williams asked the potential jurors if they were affiliated with Cash Plus in any way, or knew of anyone who was affiliated with the scheme.

The man told the court that he was associated with a premier league football club which used to be sponsored by cash plus.

He was then excused.


Investment schemeIn the meantime, witnesses are expected to be called in the case tomorrow.

Defence attorney, Valerie Neita-Robertson said she was served with a document this morning in relation to further evidence from a witness.

She said she was not able to look over the document and it was agreed that the witnesses would be called tomorrow to give the defence time to review the document.

Carlos Hill, is facing a charge of fraudulently inducing persons, to invest in a ponzi scheme.

Last week, Hill revealed that he had identified about US $75 m to pay Cash Plus investors, and had sent documentation to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn from a foundation in the united states, about the funds.

The funds are intended to complete repayment of the over $10 b to over 45,000 depositors.

In court on Monday, DPP Llewellyn said she received the documentation however she said it is a matter for the Trustee in Bankruptcy.


She said her remit is to prosecute the case and the prosecution is ready.

In response, Mrs. Neita-Robertson also said the defence is ready to go ahead with the trial, but stated that the court proceedings may affect Hill’s intention to pay back the depositors.

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