Impressive 2013 Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships Concludes

The 2013 Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships saw 30 records being broken. Holmwood Technical High School reclaimed the girls’ title while Calabar High School nabbed the title king of the 2013 Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships.

The youngsters seem destined to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake with their blistering times. Holmwood beat  highly favoured Edwin Allen High School for first place while St Jago finished third.

calabar champs 2013

Edwin Allen’s athletic prowess was greatly diminished by the inability of top athlete Marleena Eubanks to compete in the 400m and 800m after being injured during training.


Calabar flew past Kingston College who eventually finished third with Jamaica College finishing second. This outstanding meet saw 30 records being broken, with the majority of them occurring on the final day of the 5 day championships.

Munro College exited Champs in style by destroying the 4x400m record in 3:09.21; Calabar finished second in 3:12.13 and Kingston College third in 3:12.59.

Coach Maurice Wilson of Holmwood was thankful for his team’s performance.

“This was one of the most difficult and one of the most trying times for us,”

“We went through a lot from last year… Championships is about difficulties, one of our strong points was to have respect for the championships,” he said.

Wilson also revealed that he will be leaving Holmwood to pursue other objectives.

Calabar’s coach Omar Hawed was in awe.


“For us it was an overall team effort,” he said.

Hawes also said the objective is to win again next year.

“That’s the plan,” Hawes said.

“The foundation is laid, basically.”


Calabar – 299
Jamaica College – 258.5
Kingston College – 247.5
Wolmer’s – 121
St Jago – 107

Holmwood – 310.5
Edwin Allen – 305.5
St Jago – 208
Vere Technical – 202
Hydel High – 157.5

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