Burrell appointed head of CONCACAF Finance Committee

President of the Jamaica Football Federation Captain Horace Burrell has been appointed Chairman of the CONCACAF Finance Committee.

The confederation announced the formation of the Committee which will focus on monitoring and giving oversight to the organisation’s financial management.

The new Finance Committee will monitor the financial management of CONCACAF and will advise the Executive Committee on financial matters and asset management.

Burrell is joined on the Committee by FIFA Executive Committee member Rafael Salguero of Guatemala who will serve as vice chairman.


The list is completed by Anwer Sumjerdi of Bahamas, Canover Watson of the Cayman Islands, Eduardo Li of Costa Rica, Samuel Pereau of martinique, Luis Palma of Mexico, Eric Labrador of Puerto Rico and Eric Gleason of the United States.

The work of the CONCACAF Finance Committee will add to the growing list of governance reforms being implemented by the organisation as it works to ensure accountability in all operations.

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