UWI, Mona Hosts Peter Tosh Symposium

A symposium entitled, “Peter Tosh –Reggae Revolutionary and Equal Rights Advocate,” is to be held at the Neville Hall Lecture Theatre (N-1), at the University of the West Indies, on Friday, October 19 from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

The Symposium is to celebrate the anniversary of Tosh’s birth on October 19, 1944 as well as to acknowledge him being conferred the Order of Merit, posthumously. Twenty five years after his passing in this fiftieth commemorative year of Jamaican independence, Peter Tosh now joins his former bandmate, Bob Marley, in being awarded Jamaica’s third highest honour.

The featured panelists this year will be Herbie Miller, former manager for Peter Tosh, and Curator of the Jamaica Music Museum at the Institute of Jamaica. Dr. Clinton Hutton, musicologist, painter, and lecturer in the Department of Government, Professor Carolyn Cooper, founder and former director of the Reggae Studies Unit at the Mona Campus of UWI, as well as Niambe and Dave Tosh, daughter and son of the enigmatic Peter Tosh.

Peter Tosh, one of Jamaica’s undisputed Reggae icons, was not only one of the founding members of one of the greatest Reggae groups ever to come out of Jamaica, ‘The Wailers’, but was also known as an unapologetic revolutionary and champion for Equal Rights and Justice.

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