Bob Marley’s Powerful Song “Jammin”

This song from the Exodus album was also featured on his greatest hits compilation Legend and became one of Marley’s most recognizable songs.

It was a celebration of good times and great music.

The song however took on a whole new meaning when Bob Marley returned to Jamaica from his self-imposed exile in London (where he’d been in hiding since a 1976 assassination attempt) and performed the song at the legendary One Love Peace Concert on April 22, 1978.

His mesmerizing live performance of ‘Jammin,’ which is featured in the film Marley and included on the film’s official soundtrack, turned a party song into a mystical ritual to cast out the plague of political violence.


Jamaica was then on the front lines of the Cold War, with a pro-Cuba socialist government led by Prime Minister Michael Manley clashing against a fiercely anti-Communist right-wing opposition led by Edward Seaga.

Only Bob Marley could have convinced Manley and Seaga to join their hands together in a sign of unity under the banner of Jah Rastafari.

Although the bloodshed eventually continued, for that one miraculous moment at least it proved that reggae music had the power to change the world.

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