Are you Man Enough For Colon Hydrotherapy?

If I was asked that question my response would undoubtedly be a clear and definitive “NO!”. For those who don’t know what that is, let me start by explaining the procedure.

Colon hydrotherapy also known as colonic irrigation involves using tubes to inject water, sometimes mixed with herbs or with other liquids, into the colon via the rectum using special equipment. Many individuals have the procedure done on the premise that the build

how is a colonoscopy done?up of putrefied feces line the walls of the large intestine and that these accumulations harbour parasites causing general ill-health.

The thought of having a tube inserted from that end of the body I’m sure will strike fear in the hearts of men both near and far. Jamaican men including myself are even more reluctant to consider having any procedure done that involves the rectal cavity regardless of how necessary it may be. There is a lot of debate regarding the efficacy of the procedure in purging the intestines of toxins and its role in preventing future health problems. There are some instances where having the procedure is mandatory such as before a colonoscopy is performed.
Clean your colonOther deterrents are the complications that can arise from having the procedure done. Colon cleansing can affect the balance of bacteria and natural chemicals in the bowel, and may also hinder the colon’s ability to get rid of dead cells. Other rare but potentially serious complications include gastrointestinal perforation from improper insertion, and amoebic infection from equipment that have note been properly sterilized . Some colon-cleansing procedures disrupt fluid and electrolyte balance, which can cause dehydration and salt depletion. The frequent use of colon-cleansing tools can also lead to dependence and an inability to excrete fecal matter without assistance or withdrawal symptoms.


I personally don’t believe this procedure is for everyone however if it is deemed as a necessary procedure to have done by an established physician, I certainly would not discourage someone from having it done.

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