Massive Increase: US Visa Fees Soar for International Artistes

Screenshot via Youtube

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) implemented substantial increases in visa fees for international musicians seeking to tour in the United States, effective April 1.

Previously, musicians from outside the US filing visa paperwork incurred a fee of $460 per application.

However, post-April 1, the cost has skyrocketed to a range between $1,615 to $1,655, marking a significant financial burden for artists and bands alike.

The new fee structure poses particular challenges for ensemble groups, as each member of a band or musical ensemble is required to pay the application fee individually.


For instance, a standard rock band comprising four members would now face expenses ranging from approximately $6,460 for visa applications.

Furthermore, expedited processing, necessary for those unable to afford prolonged waiting periods, incurs an additional $2,805 per application, further exacerbating the financial strain on touring musicians.

Expressing widespread concern over the implications of these exorbitant fees, artists, advocacy groups, and immigration lawyers fear the potential devastating effects on both emerging talent worldwide and the local music economies within the US.

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