JLP Victorious in Local Government Election

In a highly contested local government election in Jamaica, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has emerged victorious, securing control of seven local authorities, according to the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ).

The announcement was made in a statement issued by the ECJ on Saturday evening, confirming the JLP’s win in the recent polls.

The ECJ statement declared that the JLP had clinched victory by winning control of seven local authorities, while the People’s National Party (PNP) had secured control of six, including the Portmore Municipal Corporation.

“With all the ballots counted, the result is that the JLP won the election for control of the local authorities with seven of the local authorities and the PNP won six of the local authorities inclusive of the Portmore Municipality,” read the ECJ’s statement.


However, despite the JLP’s overall victory, the spotlight now shifts to the Kingston & St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC), where a tie has emerged between the two major parties.

Both the JLP and the PNP each obtained twenty councillors, leading to a deadlock in the selection of the Mayor for the crucial municipality.

In the upcoming meeting of the Kingston & St Andrew Municipal Corporation scheduled for Thursday, March 7, 2024, at noon, the fate of the mayoral position hangs in the balance.

The Principal Returning Officer, mandated by law, will oversee the selection process for the PNP’s nominee for Mayor and the JLP’s nominee for Deputy Mayor.

Despite the tie in councillor seats, it is anticipated that the PNP will have the upper hand in determining the next Mayor of Kingston, given their majority in the popular vote in the KSAMC.

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