Happy Valentine’s Day

Love Doctor Monti, a former Kingston resident with a sprinkling of Jamaican and Cuban heritage, has recently penned a book for a US publisher.

His 20-chapter self-help offering of Journey To Find the Perfect Forever Partner reveals numerous strategies to settle down with that seemingly someone special.

As it’s Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day in the calendar, can exclusively reveal some secrets from the book.

Love Doctor Monti explained in one chapter the following:


When we are in love there should be desire, excitement and intimacy in droves from both parties. 

These aspects, alongside a longing until the couple are together, helps build the foundations for a romantic journey.

Neglecting any of these essential ingredients in a loving relationship is foolhardy.

When a new partnership blossoms it can initially be a bed of roses.

However, should the behaviour from either party in a new relationship appear to be too comfortable in the early stages, these signs are pointing towards this failure of true love.

For those who suddenly experience this when dating then It’s best to cut loose from the partnership.

If one person is seemingly not too bothered about spending high-quality time with their love interest, the romance is already on the wane and won’t evolve into a solid long-term relationship.


It’s always best to seek someone who can provide the essential elements of personal growth as a couple.

There must be encouragement and support from both parties to make a loving relationship work.

Often one party needs the motivation from their love interest to want to spend valuable time together.

There are also some Love Doctor tips and tricks (insert a link to any of my previous Valentine’s Day tips) to introduce flirting and inject vigour into a potential relationship.

He does advise that personal circumstances must be taken into account before embarking on the next steps forward to find true love.  

Happy Valentine’s Day from Love Doctor Monti and

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