Michail Antonio Hits Out at Snus Usage in England

Author: Neil-Monticelli Harley-Rüdd

Jamaican hot-shot admits a head-spinning experience with the tobacco pouch Michail Antonio, the veteran Jamaica striker, has spoken about the dangers of English Premier League players using snus.

The 33-year-old, who suffered a knee strain during last month’s CONCACAF Nations League home tie against Canada, was forthright about the tobacco product snus within football.

Snus, a pouch that is placed under the lip to release nicotine into the bloodstream, is illegal to sell in the United Kingdom yet not against the law to use.

Antonio, who made his Jamaica debut in September 2021, confessed during a recent episode of the BBC’s Footballers’ Football Podcast that he distests snus.


He admitted that he tried it twice with alarming effects.

Antonio said on the podcast: “I put it 9snus)in my mouth, within five minutes the whole entire room was spinning.

“I’ve started barging people out of the way into the toilets and I’m projectile (vomiting), throwing up everywhere.

“The reasons why players do it is because of the pressures of football and life. It really starts to get to people, so they need that stimulus.

“Clubs want players to be able to deal with things in any way they can. I haven’t seen any club be against it because clubs see players doing it and it isn’t illegal, it’s not a banned substance in the game.”

The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) in England, an organisation that solely prioritises players’ needs, revealed in March that a growing number of players are using snus. The PFA and Loughborough University are currently conducting a study into the use and effects of the substance on football players.

Antonio, who appeared in West Ham’s first dozen Premier League games before sustaining injury inside Kingston’s National Stadium, is expected to play an integral part for Jamaica next year when they tackle the Nations League finals and the prestigious 2024 Copa America that will features South American giants Argentina and Brazil.


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