Jamaica Rated Among World’s Safest Countries by Visitors – Gallup Report

A recent Global Law and Order Report released by international analytics firm Gallup names Jamaica as one of the world’s safest countries based on visitor perception.

The report, which assesses personal security and trust in the rule of law across 140 countries, awarded Jamaica a commendable score of 75 in its 2023 findings.

Tajikistan claimed the top spot in the rankings with an impressive score of 96, while Liberia lagged behind with a rating of 49, marking it as the lowest-ranked country.

Notably, Jamaica stands out as the highest-ranking nation in Latin America and the Caribbean, surpassing neighbouring countries such as Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.


Despite its reputation for consistently ranking among countries with high murder rates globally, Jamaica continues to defy expectations, providing visitors with a sense of safety.

The perception index reflects this reality, with the country securing a spot in the middle of the pack, ahead of nations like Brazil (73), Argentina (70), Mexico (66), Venezuela (66), the Dominican Republic (64), Peru (61), and Ecuador (59).

Jamaica’s standing in the report places it slightly behind the United Kingdom and the United States, both with a rating of 83.

However, it outperforms several countries known for their tourism appeal.

The island nation is gearing up for a record-breaking winter season, with one million airline seats already booked to arrive from the United States.

A noteworthy aspect highlighted in the report is Jamaica’s ability to maintain a low crime rate against visitors, hovering at around 0.01 percent.

The positive perception of safety is reflected in the influx of visitors, which has seen double-digit percentage growth compared to 2019 and 2022.


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