Jamaica’s Long-Awaited Artisan Village Set to Open Next Month In Falmouth!

A section of Falmouth – Trelawny

A Unique Cultural Hub and Shopping Haven Awaits Travellers in Falmouth

After numerous delays and setbacks, Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett has officially announced that Jamaica’s highly anticipated artisan village is set to open its doors next month.

This exciting development is expected to become a cultural and economic landmark, offering a rich tapestry of indigenous crafts, entertainment, and opportunities for local artists.

Plans for Jamaica’s artisan village was first introduced in 2016 when the government unveiled its ambitious plan to transform the old Hampden wharf in Falmouth, Trelawny, into a vibrant hub for artisans and craft enthusiasts.


With a budget of just over $1 billion, the project aimed to create a sprawling village featuring 300 shops where local crafts and indigenous products would be sold.

In addition to serving as a retail haven, the artisan village was designed to facilitate the production of these items by local artisans, making it a hub of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Upon completion, the artisan village is poised to become a centerpiece of Jamaica’s tourism industry. It is strategically located to complement the nearby Falmouth pier, positioning itself as the Caribbean’s premier cruise ship port of call.

Travellers docking in Falmouth will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Jamaican culture, witness the creation of authentic craft items, and interact with skilled craftsmen.

Traditional Jamaican entertainment will be on display, providing a lively atmosphere that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the island. For those seeking an even deeper connection with local artistry, the village will serve as a platform for local artists to express their creativity.

One of the most exciting features of the artisan village is the opportunity for visitors to actively participate in the creative process. Travellers will be able to leave their design ideas with an artisan and then return to pay and collect the finished product. 

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