Will Flirty Jamaican Patois Impress The Ladies?

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I’ve just moved from Canada to Jamaica. I’m a third generation Jamaican, and already I’ve been bowled over by the beauty of both the island and the women.

My Jamaican patois is non-existent, but I realise that to impress the females I need to use some flirty expressions in the local language.

Any guidance would be great, or as they say here, it would be “irie”.


D, Portmore

Love Doctor MontiLove Doctor’s Answer:

Welcome to the island of the sunny outdoors and the sweet cold breeze. Jamaican ladies are indeed special, but you must treat them right and never stray.

They need loyalty and not a player, so keep them sweet by being genuine and forget the same old cheesy chat-up lines they will have heard far too often.

As the wondrous lilt in the accent is bewitching, then best to start off with a simple one that’s genuine. Try telling a lady “Yuh have di sweetest voice, it’s like music to mi ears” (meaning “You’ve the sweetest voice, it’s like music to mi ears”).

Jamaicans smile most of the time and can brighten your day. So when you meet a lady whose smile truly lightens up the room you can always tell her “Yu have di prettiest smile mi eva see” (meaning “You have the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen”).

Even more basic is to pay a compliment that, in the right setting and with the correct approach, could set the ball rolling for a conversation. Simply tell an attractive-looking lady that she’s “Criss Ting” and smile (meaning that she’s a “good-looking girl”).

Style and fashion is essential to any Jamaican lady, as they take pride in their appearance. It’s worth stating “Yuh look good, mi rate yuh style” (meaning “You look good, I admire your style”).


With the infamous sunshine and heat, even during the rainy season that will end by the start of November, then you should refer to these. I would suggest trying “Yuh hotter dan di sun, yuk mek mi temperature rise” (meaning “You’re hotter than the sun, you make my temperature rise”).

The heartbeat of Jamaica is their amazing range of unique musical tunes, so don’t forget to mention that. Best to say “Yuh mek mi heart sing di sweetest love song” (meaning “You make my heart sing the sweetest love song”).

Bob Marley songs are constantly played all across the island, and many people will recite his lyrics on a daily basis. It’s advisable to learn his songs and lyrics, because if you meet an ardent fan then she’ll need you to be on the same wavelength if a romance is about to blossom.

I urge you to dust down your best dancing shoes, because if you want to impress any Jamaican lady then you need to be able to move your feet. It depends on your age group, but some basic dancehall and reggae moves will make you desirable to the opposite sex.

Apart from being able to dance, being attentive and committed, having learned the Jamaican culture and history, possessing good fashion sense as well as being loyal and sincere, then you can start your search for a potential love interest.

Respect is a key word throughout the island, by arming yourself with these assets and a handful of Jamaican patois expressions that shouldn’t be handed out like sweets, then you should be ready for finding love and romance — but take things slowly. The islanders don’t like to rush anything.

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