Prime Minster Holness Will Choose The Best Location For Jamaica’s Next City!

Prime Minister Andrew Holness via Youtube

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has reaffirmed the ongoing deliberations regarding the potential location for a new city in Jamaica.

The discourse surrounding this visionary project reflects the administration’s dedication to thoughtful progress and strategic decision-making.

During a recent tour of Northern Clarendon, Prime Minister Holness used the occasion to shed light on the multifaceted process of selecting the optimal site for the new city.

Emphasising the meticulous approach taken, he revealed, “The UDC has been tasked with looking at the entire region that is between Kingston, going all the way to St. Elizabeth, to see where is the best place for a new city to be located.”


This clear mandate for comprehensive evaluation underscores the government’s dedication to identifying a location that aligns with both immediate goals and long-term visions.

Within this framework of careful consideration, two prominent options have emerged for the new city’s potential home: Clarendon and the southwestern region of St. Elizabeth.

The respective merits of these locales undoubtedly reflect the government’s strategic thinking, weighing factors such as accessibility, infrastructure potential, and environmental impact.

However, Prime Minister Holness was quick to clarify that the decision-making process remains ongoing, ensuring that all variables are thoughtfully weighed before arriving at a conclusion.

This recent discourse builds upon Prime Minister Holness’s previous statements, as he also hinted at the prospect of a new city during last year’s Black River Day celebration.

Speaking on the matter, he enigmatically shared, “It appears to be that we are heading in the south-western end of the island. I’m not saying any more.”

This strategic reticence serves as a reminder of the complexity inherent in planning such a monumental undertaking, emphasising the meticulous balance between aspirations and pragmatism.


As the dialogue on the new city’s location continues, the public remains eagerly engaged, anticipating further developments and insights.

The government’s commitment to transparently navigating this journey underscores its dedication to fostering sustainable growth and prosperity.

The envisioned new city has the potential to be a manifestation of Jamaica’s forward-looking ambitions, incorporating modern urban planning, technological innovation, with an emphasis on environmental preservation.

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