Breaking Ground with Beats: Young Jamaican Farmer Promotes Agriculture Via Social Media!

Cleo Jones, a talented 21-year-old poultry farmer, has found a unique way to promote agriculture and attract young people to the sector through his lyrical skills as a deejay via social media.

Earlier this year, he began running his successful ‘Raised Right Poultry Farm’ in Glade, St Catherine, as an additional income stream.

Alongside his uncle, Raymond McFarlane, they tend to over 5,000 chickens, raise pigs, and grow crops on their land.

Using original songs about agriculture and farm life, Cleo has amassed a substantial following on TikTok, with over 27,000 followers and counting.


@steamyungmineral Just another day on the farm being creative🥱🎶 #viral#trend#blowthisup#music#song#jamaica#lyrics#freestyle#foryoupage#bars#business#money#investment#creative#marketing#socialmedia#farmlife#farmer#chicken#positivevibes#contentonly ♬ original sound – Steam Yung Mineral

His posts have not only gained recognition but also led to lucrative business partnerships.

While speaking with JIS News, Cleo revealed that his creativity stems from his school days at Kingston College, where he participated in musical clashing.

He eventually decided to integrate his talent with farming as a marketing strategy, aiming to stand out and connect with potential customers more effectively.

Through his positive and encouraging music, Cleo inspires his peers to pursue careers in agriculture. He firmly believes in the value of self-sustenance and businesses that contribute to and support communities. Farming, for him, is not just a source of pride but also a vital service to society by providing food and employment opportunities.

Cleo’s farm plays an essential role in the lives of community members, creating jobs and even engaging with nearby schools to involve children in farming activities.

Concerned about Jamaica’s food import-export imbalance, Cleo sees himself as part of the solution and urges young people to venture into farming. He plans to expand his farm, venture into goat farming, and eventually tap into the goat meat market in the next few years.

With his vision and musical talent, Cleo Jones is certainly making a significant impact on social media, using his platform to promote agriculture and inspire others to connect with the sector.


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