VIDEO: Incredible Sun Halo Envelops Jamaican Skies in Rare Celestial Display of Dazzling Colors!


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In Jamaica today, a rare celestial event was witnessed by people in some areas as a ring-shaped halo appeared around the Sun in the sky.

This phenomenon, known as a sun halo, is caused by the interaction between sunlight and ice crystals in the atmosphere.

The ring, which is typically around 22 degrees in radius, is formed by hexagonal ice crystals that are present in cirrus clouds, which are thin and wispy clouds.

When sunlight enters these ice crystals, it is refracted or bent, causing the sun’s rays to separate into a spectrum of colors that are visible as the halo. This effect is called dispersion of light.


The formation of sun halos is rare and dependent on several factors, including the size and orientation of the ice crystals and the angle of the sun.

The crystals must be oriented in a particular way, with their flat surfaces parallel to the ground, to create the halo effect.

The sun halo observed in Jamaica was captured and recorded by many people in different parts of the country.

The event lasted for a few hours and showcased a multicolored ring around the Sun, which appeared like a rainbow. It is a beautiful and rare natural occurrence that results from the delicate dance of light and optics with ice particles in the atmosphere.

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