Explore The Waters: Beautiful Diving Destinations In Jamaica

Jamaica is arguably one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

Known as the birthplace of reggae artiste, Bob Marley, and home to the breathtaking Montego Bay, Red Stripe Beer and the speciality dish, jerk chicken, Jamaica has a distinct personality that many simply cannot contend with. Interestingly, Jamaica is also home to some of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world with many beautiful beaches to explore.


Here are some of the best diving destinations in Jamaica for diving enthusiasts:


Montego Bay


Like many tropical bays in Jamaica, Montego Bay is the perfect destination for divers. The abundant marine life and crystal clear waters will have scuba divers wanting to return back underwater over and over again.


Divers can visit a plane wreck resting on the sandy bottom at 18m/59ft and can even get up close and personal with stingrays. At the bottom of the bay reside black corals, basket sponges, various sea slugs and rare fish species, allowing for a truly magical experience.

For new divers, shallow dives start at 15 ft/4m whilst the deepest dives can exceed 100ft/30m for those more experienced. The most popular dive site by Montego Bay is The Widow Maker’s Cave.


Ocho Rios


The breathtaking, Ocho Rios, is located on Jamaica’s north coast. Here, you’ll be surrounded by Jamaica’s rich culture with reggae sounds, spellbinding waterfalls and rich sea life all around you.

Ocho Rios also offers fascinating diving sites for all divers such as the Catherine Shipwreck, Dickie’s Reef and Jamaica Wall with varying depths from 60ft+. Many great spots are also nearby for divers to explore in between dives such as Dunn’s River and the scenic Fern Gully. Or, why not explore the Mystic Mountain Adventure Park?




Negril is a quiet beachside town in western Jamaica. It’s famous for its beautiful coastline and pristine beaches with equally shallow bays and calm, turquoise waters.

Negril also offers some of the best diving sites such as Arches Reef, Shark Reef and The Throne Room which offers deeper waters of 70ft. Get ready to be greeted by colourful reefs and fascinating underwater creatures such as Spanish hogfish, smooth and bandtail puffers, and damselfish.

Once you’re finished diving, why not take a stroll down the 7-mile-long beach? If you’re in a party mood, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a party boat named Tiki Pon Da Sea where you can relax on the boat, enjoy the Tiki bar and, if you’ve brought your smartphone with you, you can even stay on theme and play a tropical slot like tiki tumble. There’s lots to do in this town for both divers and non-divers, making it the perfect holiday destination.





Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica, which, despite lacking its own beach,  offers access to over a hundred dive sites. The best diving sites in Kingston include Don Quarry Pillars with a maximum depth of 100ft.

Here, you’ll find beautiful stretches of coral, various fish and lobster. The Texas wreck is also a popular location for more advanced divers with a maximum depth of 100ft.

The site features a large sunken ship and is home to numerous fish of varying sizes. It really is a treat! If you prefer an easier dive, opt for Drunken Man’s Cay which offers a maximum depth of 40ft. The currents are also much lighter here.


Port Antonio


Located on the beautiful Eastern tip of the island, Port Antonio is home to the legendary Blue Lagoon as well as the famous James Bond Beach, Boston Beach Jerk Center, Frenchman’s Cove, and nearby Reich Falls.

This beautiful location is picture-perfect in every way with lush vegetation and a beautiful scenic coastline. You can start your scuba diving experience in water around 30 feet deep with the water gradually getting deeper for the more advanced and expert divers.


Jamaica is a diver’s paradise not to be missed, so if you’re keen to expand your travel list during 2023, make sure to give this island the attention it deserves.

Remember, you don’t have to be an avid diver to take to the Jamaican waters – there are plenty of reefs and diving sites for divers of all strengths.

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