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I’ve got a sudden desire to meet a Cuban woman as I want to find someone exotic, and need some excitement in my life.

I don’t speak Spanish and I don’t smoke cigars, but I am willing to learn both.

Any tips on how to interest my dream lady if I book a trip to Cuba?


Robert, Golden Triangle in Kingston

Love Doctor’s Answer:

That sounds promising and quite a challenge for you. As you are based in one of the most expensive areas of Kingston, then it will certainly be a culture shock to visit Cuba.

Love Doctor MontiThere is nothing wrong with being drawn towards Cuban women, and at least you have not opted for an online dating site.

If you wish to achieve your ambition of finding a long-term relationship with local ladies in Cuba then I suggest that you learn the Spanish language. Once armed with some basics of the local lingo, it is worth visiting Havana and Western Cuba during the dry season (November to May).

Soak in the cosmopolitan culture of Havana, Cuba’s most popular tourist destination, and ensure that you experience the nightlife because you can meet a potential suitress in a bar or nightclub.

Be wary that any local beauties will have appealed to a wide range of tourists over the years. As they are generally a cheerful nation, smiling is part of her DNA and not a romantic signal like most places.

Cuban ladies are confident, emotional, sultry and unpretentious. They tend to dress the way that they feel comfortable. This means they like to sport a plethora of accessories and short skirts in the evening, which appeals to most men.


If your Spanish is limited, then chatting in a bar is not exactly the best place to try and woo a Cuban.

I would urge you to practise your dancing skills before embarking on a trip. Once in a nightclub then you can ask a lady that attracts you for a dance. She will point blank refuse you if she doesn’t believe that you are suitable, yet on the other hand will dance the evening away with you if she thinks you are a potential friend or maybe more.

With a large exodus of Cubans in Miami and across the United States, some ladies have set their goal to find a suitor who already lives in America. This is so that they will not be lonely, and can enjoy food, drinks and products that they do not have in Cuba.

Cuban single females are direct and far from shy, which you will be able to determine from their attire. This frankness is part and parcel of their culture, so you need to be both prepared and extremely patient.

Building a rapport with a Cuban lady is going to take time, and you need to show her that your intentions are genuine. She needs you to prove that you are both reliable and trustworthy.

A long weekend would be your best bet, just to check out the ladies and to see if it is just a whim to meet someone for a meaningful relationship. Should you still have the urge to find love in Cuba then I suggest you plan a week-long jaunt to the capital city, armed with gifts such as jewellery or perfume to try and impress any ladies you meet more than once. In a way you are slowly buying her affection, yet trying to prove that you are caring, considerate and kind.

You may be eager to meet someone that you deem exotic, but you must realise that it is not a simple task of turning up to woo your dream woman. She may not wish to leave the captivating island and prefers to just flirt.

You could be exotic to her so try to stand out from the other foreigners, by showing respect and giving her attention. By mastering Spanish and even learning how to smoke a cigar will show that you are serious about finding a Cuban long-term partner.

When you return home after meeting someone special, then keeping contact with her via email is imperative to maintain her interest. Your goal will be to try to entice her to visit you, but you need to pay for her trip. You must only have one lady and not be playing the field, otherwise you will swiftly become a forgotten man.


On the subject of money, Cuban women will expect you to pay for everything. This is part of the culture, just like it was in most countries a few decades ago.

As men are visual creatures, then male foreigners simply get entranced by the genuine friendliness of Cuban ladies and often fail to see beyond their looks.

If you manage to date a Cuban, then you will be swiftly encouraged to become part of her family. You need to realise that you are not just getting the girl, you are expected to help her entire family and resolve any problems that they may be experiencing.

As young Cubans tend not to date for years, romance is taken very seriously so your intentions have to be entirely honourable. Many Jamaican men do not see anything wrong with having more than one love interest, but Cuba women demand that you have your blinkers on to concentrate on being a one-woman man.

If you believe that you can handle this approach to romance then explore the potential opportunity to find love. However, you must at least learn how to hold and smoke a cigar, know some useful Spanish phrases and educate yourself about the history of Cuba before you even entertain a visit.

As long as you are devoted enough to invest time, money and effort into this type of rewarding relationship, then you will enjoy plenty of excitement but also a splattering of drama.

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