What ‘Tricks’ Should I Try To Attract A New Worthy Partner? Help Me Love Doctor

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I am bored of the usual ‘tricks’ that I have used to try to attract guys. 

What should I do to grab the attention of some good-looking men that I am interested in?

Millicent, St. Ann


Love Doctor’s Answer:

Love Doctor MontiWell if your usual array of ‘tricks’ have produced half-hearted results then it is wise to make a change, so well done for taking the steps to a new and improved you.

However, the first thing that you must realise is that you could be looking in the wrong ponds to find your Prince Charming. I would strongly advise you to re-evaluate exactly where you are hanging out to try to meet a potential suitor.

Men, being visual creatures, tend to be attracted by excessive flashes of flesh. But I would never advise that as a ploy. That is too direct and tends to garner the attention of the type of men that your parents would certainly not approve of, and usually these ‘bad boys’ seek frolics rather than a meaningful relationship.

High heels are okay but do not dress like a loose woman, instead aim to look trendy and/or classy. 

A look that excites men is women in fashionable military attire, because it is associated with hunting and the wild. You can make his imagination run riot if you invest in some suitable camouflage-patterned clothing, such as a dress or top.

Yet you must always confidently pitch yourself as a lady, so if you are a bit over the top with the bling, make-up and/or perfume then it may be time to tone it down.

Also, if you do not already wear glasses then why not invest in some vanity specs? Or if you wear contact lenses then try ditching them for a while. This is because women who wear glasses are often deemed to be extremely attractive to men. Try it for a couple of months and see how the results pan out for you.


The combination of a sexy accent, tone of voice and fascinating words can also be very pleasing to a gentleman. You can easily memorise them if you get these spot on.

I suggest you look online at some of the female film stars that you consider sexy to men. Listen to the way they express themselves, then emulate them.

You already have an exotic accent, but to the islanders this is nothing special so try slowing your words down and introducing some expressions and words that reflect your personality when you meet men. 

The best way to go about this is to ask friends and family what makes you unique and special, so compile a list then introduce these into your vocabulary. This also boosts your confidence.

On the subject of confidence, the way you present yourself reflects you. So ensure that you walk as though you mean it, that you listen to men when you engage in conversation rather than chat away nervously and avoid leaning in to people during chats as this shows you are emotionally vulnerable.

You need to take the initiative when you meet a man that you like the look of. See tips at https://jablogz.com/2021/11/how-do-i-get-some-romance-into-my-life-help-me-love-doctor/

Build a rapport over time with a man that you regularly see – whether at a bar, church, club, gym etc – by ensuring there is subtle chit-chat five or six times before you go for the kill. Then give him a reason why he should meet up with you.

I suggest to do that you simply create conversations around any similar interests, which makes it likely that he will say yes when you ask you suggest meeting up for a date. Especially if you have been throwing him occasional compliments, which have nothing to do with his appearance, but about his personality and achievements instead. 

Also when you get a chance to go on a date take charge. A good man likes a strong-willed lady, and respects her from the start. This is a brilliant foundation for a loving and lasting relationship.


If you get the chance to suggest a date then I urge to swerve the usual bar, dancehall or restaurant. Instead tell your potential date that you would like to go and have some fun. 

He will adore the fact that you are using the word fun. The date can be during the day or evening, as long as you are having some physical contact – playing some sport like a dance class, table tennis, ten-pin bowling, tennis or going to a gym class – which ultimately helps to bond you and build a connection. 

Men find not only a lady concentrating on winning amazingly sexy, but if there are droplets of perspiration then you are likely to drive him wild.

Yet you also wish to show him your feminine charm. So when you are on a date, ensure that you keep the man fascinated by you by unashamedly putting your lipstick or other make-up on in front of him. 

Men love their lady to look fabulous, and when you are doing this right in front of him then he will be flattered – and should find you even more attractive.

Once you get to know him well enough and have been dating for around six months then try unexpectedly wearing a shirt or sweater of his to surprise him. This gives him a clear message that you are for keeps and like his style, which boasts his confidence and prowess plus you will look super sexy to him.

Armed with all of these tips then you should easily be able to find the right kind of man as well as keep him interested in you.

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