5 Times the Sports Underdog Took Home the Win

Everybody adores the underdog. Very few game stories catch the audience’s focus like the fearless underdog who some way or another, arrives at the zenith of their game.

Regardless of whether it’s an upstart team winning a championship, or an unheralded competitor pulling off a huge irritation with what resembles a phenomenal rival, underdog stories are told for quite a long time.

Below are 5 stories of the team, which nobody expected to win, however, in the end, they were the clear winner. These stories will tell you how luck can change and how a sports underdog can become a winner in no time..


Greece European Championship: 2004

We start with a country celebrated for its folklore, yet this story is noteworthy to such an extent that it very well might be alluded to as fantasy such as itself. It’s June 2004 and football’s European Championships are going to begin with Portugal as likely top choices to win. Greece was a country, which by then, was without a success, or even goal. Greece didn’t get an opportunity to win.

The country didn’t set the opposition ablaze. They completed their group in second on similar points as Spain, and just advanced by scoring more goals. Their strategies of baffling opponents appeared to work, as they won the match with France. Something very similar occurred against the Czech Republic in the semi-finals – however, it very well may be contended that they were helped by a questionable silver goal rule, which was scrapped soon after. In the end, Greece was facing Portugal.

Greece kept its strategies and, at the last moment, it paid off. Striker Andreas Charisteas headed in from a corner, and the unimaginable occurred. Against one in a million chances, Greece became European Champions.


Patriots’ win with Tom Brady 

Back in 2001, Tom Brady was only a humble backup for Drew Bledsoe, and he was just constrained into the game after Jets linebacker Mo Lewis took Bledsoe out with a horrible hit. The injury was set up for Brady to take over as the starter. He had just tossed three passes the past season, yet he played alright for Belichick to leave Bledsoe on the seat even after the possible starter was sufficiently adequate to return. Brady drove the team through the end of the season games and into the Super Bowl, where the Pats were set to go facing extraordinary teams compared to other hostile groups in the St. Louis Rams. The Patriots pulled out the dazzling triumph with Adam Vinatieri’s 48-yard, game-dominating goal, and Brady became popular.


Leicester City win 

In 2009, Leicester City was in the third level of English football and figured out how to get as far as possible up to the Premier League for the 2014-2015 seasons. Nonetheless, things looked dreary with Leicester. With seven points away and 10 games remaining, they were sure to lose. The Foxes challenged conviction as they won seven out of nine games to complete fourteenth and get away from the transfer. After getting away from the transfer, they were tipped by numerous individuals as top picks to go down for the 2015-16 season.

To win the tournament would be practically inconceivable and bookmakers concurred, with some giving chances of 5000-1 for the Foxes to prove to be the best. Leicester began the season with a noteworthy form that was not anticipated. By Christmas, they just had a sole loss on their record. Numerous fans and intellectuals anticipated that they should drop down the table in the New Year, yet Leicester wasn’t going anyplace. To the amazement of the football world, they clutched to win the title in heavenly style.


England netball

Before the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Australia and New Zealand had ruled ladies’ netball since the game was established. They were the lone countries to have won the tournaments. There was essentially no space for any other team to get in on the game. However, that was going to change. At the 2018 games, England were the pariahs.

They got the opposition going solid, besting the gathering and beating New Zealand all the while. Nonetheless, with other teams looking solid in the other gathering, there was still work to be finished. In the semi-last, England had a comeback. The final against the reigning champs was the same where England returned and got a 52-51 win.


Hockey: United States

The United States men’s Olympic hockey team saw a miracle when they had to overcome the strong Soviet hockey machine at the 1980 Winter Olympics. The USA had been playing great during the Olympics; however, the program was loaded up with beginners and school players. Interestingly, the Soviet Union team bragged about probably the best hockey ability on the planet.

The Soviet group had been overwhelmed for quite a long time, and surprisingly the most confident fans contemplated whether the United States could even score in the game, not to mention win. Team USA dominated the game with 4-3 and acquired themselves a spot. 

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