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I am always attracted by men who are the Leo astrology star sign but I’m wary of them.

I’ve had a very bad and toxic relationship with my ex, a Leo, and a new guy showing me interest was born just one day away from him.


Please tell me what to do as I really like this new guy but I don’t want a repeat relationship like my ex.


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Love Doctor’s Answer

Although you have sadly experienced a toxic relationship in the past with a Leo, you don’t need to limit yourself to the other star signs. If you had a bad relationship with a blond or tall man then you wouldn’t dismiss all blond or tall men in the future I’m sure.

No two people are exactly the same, otherwise everyone born on the same day would be a clone of each other in terms of personality.

Leo, traditionally represented as the Lion and the fifth sign of the zodiac, generally offer a magnetic attraction as they tend to be charismatic, fun loving and a risk taker.

This star sign’s sunny disposition makes them warm with an outgoing nature full of exuberance for life. But, like any star sign, they are not perfect. Weaknesses typical of a Leo include being egotistical, controlling, a bit of a show-off and extremely stubborn.


Being vain they heavily rely on the adoration and attention from people around them, so love to be the centre of attention as well as swift to move on from romance to romance.

This star sign will enjoy a loving relationship only to get bored once the butterflies in his stomach no longer exist. This man can move on from someone very easily, so be careful because he truly can be a heartbreaker.

You need to keep making this new potential suitor’s heart flip to ensure a long-term loving relationship. But above all a Leo is very likely be seeking a mirror version of himself, so overall will be after a caring, confident and independent lady.

My advice is that if you want a romantic relationship to work with a typical Leo then flattery must be in the equation. You need to constantly boost their confidence, otherwise they will lose interest in you and the romance sours.

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