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To my horror I’ve recently found out that an attractive man, who I’ve been conversing online, is bald and hides his lack of hair under a wig.

While we were video chatting I noticed in the background a wig. We’ve been communicating online since June and haven’t met yet, but are both ready to do so soon.

I told my close friends who all said dump him, they claimed that if he’s hiding his lack of hair then he’s the kind of person who hides other stuff.


Love Doctor MontiI’ve never been out with a bald man before so I’m a little afraid. Should I date him or dump him?

Shaylee – Manchester

Love Doctor’s Answer

The good news is that you consider him to be attractive still, and he can obviously pull it off sporting a wig or toupee.

Yet you haven’t challenged him about whether that was a wig he wears and if he’s actually bald. If he happens to be in the limelight, for example an actor, in the music business, a detective etc then he may well use a hairpiece for work.

By sporting a wig, which many ladies do, is an expression of character and not about hiding the real person. Often hairpieces are used to make life easier for ladies, whereas the majority of men that resort to using a wig do so for the simple reason of vanity and/or self esteem. It sounds as though your friends are being remarkably shallow and I would be shocked if there isn’t s at least one wig owned between them.

My advice is to challenge him, but in a caring and jovial manner. That way you will determine whether he is an honest man. Bald men don’t go around hiding things about themselves just because they sport a hairpiece!


If he turns out to be bald then you may prefer either of his looks, with or without a wig. But it is extremely early in the relationship to know this because it is not until you meet face-to-face in the flesh that any pheromones will kick in. 

A pair of famous actors, who’ve portrayed the James Bond character in 007 films shot in Jamaica, have resorted to hair touch-ups. Scotsman Sean Connery filmed Dr No in 1962 with a toupee and Englishman Daniel Craig uses hairpieces as he has receded. He stars in the forthcoming No Time To Die movie that was partially recorded on the island in 2019.

These two 007 stars are globally loved by women for their masculinity, so if your man suddenly feels shot down or disheartened by your query I suggest that you mention this duo and let him know that his baldness doesn’t matter to you. Never tell him that your galpals wanted you to end the relationship, let that be a secret.

However, you should inform him that you’ve never dated a bald man before so understandably face some apprehension. You may learn to love his style of baldness, but with any potential partner it should not just be the way the person looks that keeps you together but the entire package. 

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