The Miraging, Damming Effect Of Jamaican Politics

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Can politics numb the senses, distort perception, invert word meaning and make idiots of learned men?  And, eventually after full immersion result in their irreversible dissociation from reality and paralogism?

In Jamaica many of her politicians having imbibed these deleterious effects of politics now dwell perpetually in a state of dissociation and borderline, near total irrelevance.
Meanwhile most Jamaicans, schooled or unlearned, dismiss without regard the utterances of these confused, puppet-like, aspirers to germaneness.

Mild blowing bewildering poor response

The integrity commission (IC) was spawned reluctantly from the deliberations of these transiently un-inebriated, oriented politicians, after years of inertia, and near stillbirth, after protracted analysis. Said commission, finally after multiple threatened abortions, delivered to the Jamaican Parliament its findings concerning unethical behaviour among politicians. 


These findings were no surprise to Jamaicans who without too much deliberation, years ago, arrived at these very same conclusions. Corruption is frequently flaunted and abounds in plain view where all but the densely blind can very plainly see.The expectation of the public after release of the IC (now lead by the former contractor general, Greg Christie) report was that reasonable politicians would be provoked to contemplative self-analysis inspiring behaviour modification. 

Alas the expected obfuscation, denial, thoughtless and profuse recitation of innocence immediately gushed from those hit hardest by the stones.  Pathetic empty vessels!

Instead the irresistible, immortal see no evil, hear no evil phenomenon erupts. Corruption instantly, irrevocably has a different meaning when in opposition as opposed to when wielding the reins of power. Corruption can and has only ever existed on the other side of the isle. Immediate removal of the DPP (director of public prosecution) becomes the panacea. Laughable indeed.

Politicians, it appears, honestly believe they are the only ones who can safely and correctly define corruption.  Corruption becomes situational and evanescent. Normalised!

Every Jamaicans Perspective

Jamaican’s have long known broke politicians become overnight millionaires, accelerated by being amongst those in charge of the government and controlling the spoils. When not in power these same beneficiaries of ill-gotten gain through bull horns from the Blue Mountains incredulously, insincerely shout about corruption in every crevasse. 

Just a way of saying I scratch your back you scratch my back–let us keep this game of raiding the public purse for our own good going in perpetuity.  Meanwhile poor communities become poorer, murders escalate, and indiscipline becomes entrenched in the society.


Nuanced signals

The current Prime Minister, Andrew Holness appears to be making tentative strides to dismantle this tacit corruption scheme.  His small parliamentary majority and the limited leadership suite from which to choose may have forced him to take gingerly steps.  The society is convinced that he is indeed trying and continues to telegraph gestures in the right direction.  Some contend no other Jamaican Prime Minister has made such bold strides, limited as most believe they have been.

Swift Interventions

Quick and decisive action was taken with the following political representatives: Daryl Vaz (Holywell lands), the former church deacon and Minister of Education Mr. Ruel Reid (matters before the courts) , Andrew Wheatley (furor over PetroJam allegations), and the dramatic removal of Mr. Mike Henry during his first stint as Prime Minister.

Sages understand well the prime minister must be careful not to broadcast the false impression corruption only arises and exists during his tenure as leader, or among his party faithful.  Most Jamaicans acknowledge corruption is not beholden to any one party. 

Empty howls claiming the opposite, irrespective of how loudly and sincerely proclaimed are considered hallow and are being rigorously, quickly, and summarily dismissed. The next general election should provide Prime Minister Holness more options from which suitable candidates of integrity, committed to honourably discharging their function may be selected. Thus, slowly inexorably, ridding the society of the scourge of corruption, cronyism and deception.

A brighter future and security of the nation, not ineffective crime plans

Adept to consider security rather than crime plans the JLP implemented the first ZOSO (zones of special operations) in Mount Salem St. James. A second ZOSO, if successfully replicated in Greenwich Town, South St. Andrew will entrench the slow but deliberate transition to safer communities. Eventually metamorphosing into the evolution of a more staid, peaceful, and safer society.  After all their Rome was never built in a day.

Myopic politicians clearly see the dangers of having a populous that is not beholden to the muzzle of a gun, political handouts, threatening gang leaders, poor education, and rampant poverty. Politicians with vision meanwhile bask in the thrills of knowing they have transformed lives and their society.


Jamaica may well be benefiting from having as Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, a leader who has the vision for this demanding time which is teeming with amazing potential. Jamaicans welcome to this new beginning!

Guest Author: Leon Wright

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