Reggae Girl Opens Up About Experiences With Racism In America

As the world’s attention remains affixed to the plight of black people around the world as a result of widespread racism, one Reggae girl has opened up about experiences she had with racism while attending college in the United States.

Via a heartfelt tweet, Allyson Swaby, who formerly played football for several years at Boston College said:

“If you think racism only exists in the darkest of places and not your own communities, friends, families and homes, I’m sharing my story for you:”


In a subsequent tweet, she listed the following instances where she was subjected to racism:

  • Explaining to white friends why they cannot say or sing the ‘n’ word. Only for them to continue using it over and over.
  • Being told “no black people allowed” in a GROUP photo by a teammate.
  • Being told I’m “too dark for golden hour” by a teammate.
  • Being asked, “how come my sister is so light???”
  • Being told I’m “pretty for a black girl”
  • Listening to a teammate chant “build the wall” while watching the news
  • Being told “you know damn well you wouldn’t have gotten into Boston College if it wasn’t for soccer”

She noted that the list could have been more extensive and that she was sure the people who said these things do not even remember doing so.

Swaby said racism robbed her of her innocence, making her instantly cognisant of how people view her.

She also said the racist remarks she endured “are a reminder that when I walk into a room, people will notice my blackness first. They will have formulated an idea about me before they’ve gotten to know me.”

By DianaatflourishOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

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