Jamaica Music Conference Confirms Kool Herc, Walshy Fire and Shaggy

The Jamaica Music Conference (JMC) is set to take place in Kingston from February 13 and run for three days.

Appearances have been confirmed from several well-known names, including the man who is credited as the founding father of hip hop, DJ Kool Herc. Grammy award winning artist Shaggy is also expected to appear there, while producer and DJ Walshy Fire makes up a third high-profile name as the event’s panellists.

Shaggy – Screenshot via Youtube

Kool Herc is expected to share a wealth of knowledge with the audience in attendance at the JMC, including inside information on the birth of hip hop music and how Jamaica had such an influence over it. Saturday, February 15 will see Kool Herc appear as a panellist on both the ‘Artist in Focus’ and ‘From Then ‘Til Now: The Evolution of the Reggae Mecca’ panels.

Prior to that occurring, Shaggy, who is famous for a number of hits over the years, including Oh Carolina, In the Summertime, Boombastic and It Wasn’t Me, will appear as part of the ‘Artist in Focus’ panel on February 14. During that, he will discuss various moments of his career, milestones he has reached, achievements (including his seven Grammy Award nominations and two wins). Like Kool Herc, he will also appear on the ‘From Then ‘Til Now: The Evolution of the Reggae Mecca’ panel at the same time.

Both Performers to Unite with DJ Walshy Fire

When you also consider that DJ Walshy Fire is expected to make an appearance at the JMC, there couldn’t be a better trio of stars to unite. Walshy Fire is actually the co-producer of Toast, which was an international hit for Koffee and also saw her receive a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album in relation to her Rapture EP.

Perhaps nobody could have predicted the success that Koffee would have, although obviously DJ Walshy Fire had the idea in mind that something big would come of the song Toast. If he did though, he certainly kept silent about it. Alas, keeping silent a big win is not something that the Silent Bet website will allow you to do. In fact, it provides you with sportsbook comparisons at https://silentbet.com/, allowing you to find one that will give you the best features and betting opportunities.

DJ Walshy Fire is also a part of the Major Lazer mega-act as well, showing that he’s not just a one-trick pony. He also released a debut album in 2019 with the title of Abeng, which garnered its own mass of praise from media and music lovers alike. Walshy Fire will kick off proceedings at the JMC Youth Summit on February 13, which occurs as an invite-only event.

The JMC will have over 30 panel discussions, workshops, networking opportunities, artist features, special events and more, providing a wealth of information to guests. In unison with JARIA and various other Reggae Month partners, the JMC looks to contribute to the health of reggae music around the world – something which the three superstar attendees will no doubt want to back as well.

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