Home Office Plans For Deportation Of 50 People To Jamaica

Plans to deport 50 people back to Jamaica were revealed earlier this week, as anti-deportation campaigners challenged the UK government over what could be a repeat of the Windrush scandal that occurred in 2018.

Yet, the plans are already set in motion it seems, with a deportation flight in place for next Tuesday, which will leave the UK and travel to the Caribbean island.

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Yet, campaigners against the deportation aim to hold a demonstration outside Downing Street on Thursday, February 6, which is set to occur at 6pm. Of the groups involved in the protest, various members of the Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (Barac), Momentum Black Caucus and Society of Black Lawyers are expected to be present.

According to these groups, people who wee unlawfully deported in 2018 and 2019 have still not been awarded any compensation, which was promised by the UK government. Those same groups suggest that the application process to obtain this is exceptionally complicated, and many people affected by it have no possibility of legal support due to the cost of such.

“Like a dog returning to the scene of its own vomit, the Tories appear addicted to racist immigration policy”, said Barac co-chairs Lee Jasper and Zita Holbourne. This mass deportation back to Jamaica comes just one year after the last one, the pair mentioned.

All Bets Are Off as Up to 50 People Could Be Deported

“Up to 50 people could be deported on this flight – people who will be torn apart from families including their young children, who have lived move of their lives in the UK…”, the statement from the Barac co-chairs said. They then proceeded to mention that the date set for the deportation flight back to Jamaica is set for February 11, which also marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela from prison in South Africa.

It’s not the sort of news that has been welcomed by many people, and all bets look to be off as far as the deportation flight is concerned. Betting is something that remains active at the Betenemy site though, allowing users to place wagers on all sorts of things, including political issues. Visiting the https://betenemy.com/en website will allow bettors to sign up and participate in online gambling of all sorts.

“Over the past week, there has been an escalation in people being detained whilst attending their regular signing-in sessions at reporting centres around the country, with immigration officers then transferring detainees to removal centres,” said the Barac duo. Both have set up and signed a petition against the deportations, which has already obtained more than 16,600 signatures from those against the government’s move. It is the hope of Ms Holbourne that they can reach at least 25,000 signatures prior to the February 11 date.

Whether or not this petition will force the government to rethink its stance on the deportations is another question. Yet, it remains true that campaigners aim to take a stand against this and any additional deportations that the Tory government could proceed with in the future.

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