Jamaicans Love Noise

Firstly let me just say I have been away from my blog for too long.

Long story short- I was distracted doing other things and I totally disregarded my blog which is my outlet to vent, share, educate and just entertain my followers. For this I apologize and you will see regular topics on this blog henceforth.

I wanted to start with this topic that is scurrying to get into the headlines and that is the #NoiseAbatementAct that is being amended in Jamaica. On my #Instagram account @or_ren_da (go follow for some inspiring topics which is a shameless plug) I came across a post and I had to put my two cents in. Trust me, this is not the end of this discussion. More will come I am sure from this blog and others on this topic.

So this entertainer , I think his name is @WalshyFire ( that’s his Instagram handle) was being interviewed on an overseas talk show, @seanibremix ( that’s his Instagram handle) and the question was presented to him as a stakeholder in the matter of #noise. As an entertainer one would think he should have some interesting comments but frankly I was disappointed.


Every country in the world evolves and so too its people. Life is all about evolution. We do. We learn. We change. We evolve. We are human. Evolution is all about looking forward. Since our so called Independence we have made some strides in moving our people forward and one such instance is the formulation of the Noise Abatement Act which in summary attempts to control environmental noise caused by the producers and enablers of sound in a private or public setting. It controls decibel levels in urban vicinity and areas that are populated.

Part of our Jamaican culture is the popular gratification of self, ingratiating ourselves with decibel levels that literally hit you in the chest. Indeed some stand in front of sound speakers just to feel the full effect. Whilst the intended audience is committing this suicide, other people cannot rest nor even hear themselves. Why must we all drink this koolaid? This is where #walshyfire and I respectfully disagree. His argument in short is in the name of #Culture and in the name of #tourism, let noise be free.

The careless export of our culture with very little or no control of residual and copyright wealth is in itself a problem of its own, but I digress, but to liken our people as an island of noise loving people in total abandonment of any civility is frankly slapping Jamaica in the face of any progress made in its 57 years of so called Independence. And when has “tourism”and in particular #EntertainmentTourism benefited from the coins of visiting tourist?

He mentioned the amount of people benefiting from the music industry. Yes I agree but they are benefiting from their creativity, not loud music. Loud music has never put wealth in anyone’s pockets so again I was disappointed in his arguments and frankly the interviewer was there doing his usual big Ups and nodding his head like a head bobbing cattle, Moo Moo Moo!, no push back, no follow up questions, no through discussion.

If someone wants to play their music loud, be my guest. I love my music loud as well but LOUD is subjective. The Act is just simply stating what is acceptable. Turning up the music louder and louder does not make an event successful. Persons in #WhiteRiver do not need to be reminded that there is an event in #OchoRios from noise pollution some 2 miles away. Its called moderation. Its called control. Its called #civility.

57 years and counting, Jamaica is evolving. We are more than an island of people basking under a coconut tree with headphones strapped to our heads sipping on rum and coconut water. We are an emerging nation with immense talent. We just need to work together, visionary leaders and decide who we are as Jamaicans and make Jamaica Great, borrowing a term current in today’s politics, for generations to generations.

As I said this is not the end of this discussion but only a start. Let me hear your comments. What are your views on this matter? Do you agree with what I had to say? Thanks again and yes you will hear more from me.


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