Some Of The Most Popular Jamaican Phrases

Jamaica, Jamaica! Jamaica is a dynamic country that has a vibrant culture and equally vibrant people.

The island paradise is fun and entertaining and many have travelled from far to experience the happiness it brings.

In Jamaica, there are some popular phrases that you will hear from time to time.

Below you will find 10 popular Jamaican phrases and their meanings:


1. “Wa gwaan” – This means What’s Up or How Are You Doing in some cases.

2. “Mid deh yah”– This phrase is often in response to “ Wa gwaan”. It means Everything Is Ok or I Am Good.

3. “Small up yuhself”– You will hear this most in Jamaican taxis or buses. It means Move Over and make space for other passengers.

4. “Do yuh thing”– This means to Go Ahead (Do your thing).

5. “Mi Soon Come”– This translates to I Will Soon Be Back.

6. “Zeen”– This means I Get What You Are Saying or I Understand.

7. “It tun up/ Dat Shot”– Both phrases mean that what they are talking about was excellent.


8. “A so the thing set”– This translates to “That is the way it is”.

9. “Big man thing”– This means Adult Business or it can also mean Honestly, depending on the context.

10. “Likkle more”– This means See You Later.

By Jennifer Borgh

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