I Agree With Mr Bunting

The letter posted in the Jamaican Gleaner dated Sunday August 13th by one Fabian Lewis asking if Mr. Peter Bunting is trying to start a race war, based on comments he made relating to the Chinese Occupancy in Jamaica, speaks volumes to the level of Ignorance and Illiteracy of Mr Lewis.

I am always amazed when persons take up pen and paper under the pretence that they are educated enough to state facts, such to my dismay is Mr. Lewis with his abject garbage.

Were Mr. Lewis as learned as he pretends to be, he would be aware that racism against black people is a BIG issue in China, much to the point that the Washington Post published an article On May 27th, 2016 titled China and India have a huge problem with racism toward black people.

The Huffington Post on June 27th 2016, also published an article titled Nigerian In China:Why Are People Here So Racist Towards Black People?

The funny thing is that all this information is at one’s finger tips via Goggle, and one would think that these abject idiots who only live to praise Andrew Holness would at least do some research on things before they come with rubbish and then have the other half idiots run with it as if it is gospel.

Only a moron of the highest order would accuse Mr. Bunting of trying to start a race war with China, when China has already begun that war with the way they treat black people.

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Mr. Lewis needs to get out a little bit more and walk around Jamaica to see how his fellow Jamaicans who are employed by some of the Chinese are treated like second class citizens in their own country

Visit many of the wholesale stores and see how black Jamaicans are being treated and then come back and talk about Mr. Bunting is trying to start a race war.

Some of these worshippers of Andrew Holness simply have no clue what happens in the real world.


Mr. Lewis the next time you pen a letter for public consumption, please at least do some research first and get your facts straight. It is painful to see you make a mockery of yourself.

Michelle Bradshaw

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