They Kill the Scammers and We Say Nothing, They Kill the Thieves and We Say Nothing – Then They Come For Us

Once again terrorists killers have struck snuffing out the lives of 4 men in the Parish of Westmoreland.

According to various media reports, four men on two motorcycles rode up to a popular cook-shop in the District of Bath Westmoreland at about 9.00pm where the four victims were and opened fire.
Dead are 68-year-old tyre repairman Glendon Nanan; 54-year-old ‘Duco man’ Carl Banhan; 24-year-old labourer Timothy Bernard; and 19-year-old Dimario McIntosh, who is unemployed — all of Bath district, Westmoreland.                                                                                                      

The police have yet to establish a motive for the killings.


At this stage of the game it has to be clear to all concerned about Jamaica that the killings are terroristic in nature.

They are designed to sow fear. More than that however, is the sense of comfort those who kill have, which allows them to kill with such impunity.

Let’s set aside our differences on how crime should be addressed for a minute.

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Or whether it should even be addressed at all. I say the latter because having dealt with this issue for 35 years, I am convinced that many who are part of the debate do not want the island’s crime problem solved because of their vested interests in its continuance.

At some point in time we all must come to a consensus, that no matter the reasons for the bloodshed it is un-sustainable.

We have to conclude that whether these people were bad people or not, killing them in that manner can hardly be the way we treat our own people.

Assuming that these four men whose ages range from older to hardly having lived, are innocent, we must say enough is enough. We simply cannot continue to exterminate ourselves.


We cannot continue to say people are only being killed because they are involved in lotto-scamming, or that they are minding other people’s business, or that they looked at someone the wrong way.

By using that logic, who will be left in the end?

At what point does the Government ditch the failed strategy which has been in effect, and place a boot -heel on this menace once and for all?

Or better yet ,when will the Government discard the liberal dogma which emanated out of the University Campus of the West Indies ?

This Liberal cornerstone of our process since the early 1970’s has been a colossal failure.

This failed system gives/gave the benefit of the doubt to criminals, nurture and abet the worst among us while giving little or no support to the rule, of law or those who enforce the laws.

We cannot continue to speak to the issue of police corruption without first understanding why we end up with a less than ideal police department. In order to arrive at that understanding we have to first acknowledge that it was the political leadership which was first corrupt, leading to the corruption of the various arms of Government.

Our political structure is rotten from the core outward. The emphasis on the Police or the Registrar General’s Department are at best hypocritical.

Everyone knew that people could not send money in letters from overseas because people who work in the Postal service opened the letters, took the money and resealed the letters.

We all knew that no matter how great a driver you are, oftentimes, if you did not pay the examiners you would not get a driver’s licence.


It seems that literally everything which is part of Government’s function has to be paid for again despite the taxes we pay.

People complained for decades about the corruption of the Prison Warder, the Government did nothing, because whether JLP or PNP they were stealing billions.

Ordinary people wondered how could Customs Officers could afford the luxurious homes and the fancy cars they drove. We knew and the politicians knew but they did not care, because much of the taxation levied by these agents ended up in their pockets through one nefarious scheme or another.

Remarkably, the most visible antagonists against the Police are deathly silent no matter the amount of innocent blood shed. There are no press conferences to announce their concern at the senseless killings.

There is no hand-wringing, no lamenting the amount of children left without their parents.
Because the ultimate aim is never the protection of the innocent but the continued shielding of the rights of accused and convicted murderers.

May God help our country as it struggles to pull it’s collective head from the dirt and it’s psyche from ignorance, misinformation and brainwashing.

By Mike Beckles – Check out his blog HERE

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