Dear Women of Jamaica

Please STOP going to the dance hall and becoming an object for people like Marvin the Beast and others who see you as props and fail to respect your womanhood.

Please STOP supporting the DJ’s who say you must “skin out”, and ride on their genital organs as if you are a jockey.

Please STOP dressing like streetwalkers in outfits that leave little to the imagination.

You are a woman and should adorn yourself as such.

Please STOP being just a baby mother, or the side chick. Value your womanhood!

Please remember that you are supposed to NURTURE the children to whom you gave birth. Don’t pimp them out to satisfy your wants and needs..

Please STOP being receptacles for sperm, and understand that bearing a child is the responsibility of both the man and the woman when both of you choose not to use protection or birth control.

Please understand that it is better to be alone than to be with a man that does not respect or value you as a woman.

You do not need a man to define who you are.

It is time as women that we take back that which we have lost and given away freely.

Respect yourselves.

By Michelle Bradshaw

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