The Prime Minister’s Approach is the Right One

Poverty and lack of opportunity is not an excuse for crime. There are many young men and women who live in poverty but continue to fight the good struggle.” ~ Andrew Holness.

As the prime minister rolls out his plan for the new year to deploy soldiers to areas like Montego Bay, and after the Mayor’s call for a state of emergency, many are against it saying that we don’t need military intervention but rather jobs and opportunities.

I am all for job creation and opportunities, but we would be fooling ourselves to believe that the answer to our current problem is jobs and opportunity.

Do we really believe that the men who are killing women and children will suddenly put their guns down in exchange for a job?


Many people were born and died in poverty and never took someone’s life.

Poverty and lack of opportunity don’t make you a murderer.

You chose to become a murderer. We need to understand that not everyone responds well to jobs and opportunities.

Some would rather live a life during which they intimidate others and inflict harm. They are power driven and depraved.

Job creation and opportunities won’t fix the problem that we have at hand.

The prime minister’s approach is the right one, catch and isolate the murderers from the general population.

They can “work” behind bars, which will give them an “opportunity” to try and correct their behaviour.

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By Natalee Stack

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