Jamaican Woman Fears the US is Taking Backward Steps With Racial Equality

Years ago I came to this country called America in search of the life that was not afforded to me in my native land of Jamaica.

I came here and like many others, was undocumented for years until I got myself straight.

I did jobs I never thought of doing back home because back then I could survive on US$300.00 a week and still send money home to my mom.

I sat in this country and watched as America went to war with Iraq, I watched when Saddam Hussein was caught like rat in a hole, and watched as the news that Osama Bin Laden was dead hit the air waves across the world.

My greatest inspiration was the day when a BLACK man by the name of Barrack Obama became the president elect in 2008, because if a BLACK man could become the president of a country whose roots were buried in racism and hatred, then that was an indication that neither  your colour or race should ever define your place in this great spectrum called life.

I watched as Mr. Obama, despite the echoes of hatred and resentment thrown at him, excelled with class and dignity. I watched as his level of integrity spoke volumes to those who saw him as less than, because he was BLACK.

Today I look at Donald Trump and see a nation divided and the fear that once gripped those who are called minorities once again rears it’s ugly head.

Suddenly many who once considered themselves as proud Americans are now even prouder to say words like “Trump Country”, “Whites Only”, “N*****rs go back to Africa”, and other words that say you are ‘less than’.

And I ask myself the question – when did we get to this place where a country that had a black president serving not one but two terms could revert to the days when blacks, and anyone not white were seen as separate and not equal?

A rally against school integration in 1959.
A rally against school integration in 1959.

It is amazing to see the dreams of Dr. King, Rosa Parkes and all the others now going back to ashes. How sad?.

The day when Barrack Obama eventually steps down will be a day when I will cry, and I am sure many will cry too, because never again will we be fortunate to see a man or woman sit in the white house of America with such dignity and class.

Never again will we see that smile that said in the MIDST of TURMOIL there was hope for tomorrow. Never again will we hear that voice that says “I AM YOUR PRESIDENT AND I CARE”.

On that day when Barrack Obama steps down America as we know it will have died, and all that will be left to say is RIP.

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